Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keeping your Furniture Spotlessly Clean

The most efficient way of keeping your furniture in good condition is to clean them religiously to thwart the dirt from piling up.  Use the pliable bristles of the vacuum to prevent destroying your furniture.  Make certain that all angles and areas are carefully attended.

Always examine the ingredients of your cleaning materials prior to using them.  Some products may have harmful elements that can damage your furniture.  As these elements damage the outside veneer of your furniture, they will be susceptible to dust, scrapes, and will make them look old and untidy.

You can also steam clean your furniture.  This method is very efficient in eliminating dirt and muck; however, it can give damaging outcome.  The moist can be trapped inside the furniture and before you know it, fungus has emerged as well as other damaging organisms that may lead to the deterioration of your furniture.  Such can also bring disease to family members.

Drips and trickles are unavoidable.  When this happens, get a rag and dab it on the spill right away.  Wipe gradually from the outer side moving toward the center to keep it around the affected spot.

Use a spoon or any object to remove hard drips and trickles like candle wax.  Just make sure, however, that the object you will use will not damage the furniture; hence, avoid using sharp objects.   Do not scrape hard spills.  If it is too tough, soak a cloth in a dilution of warm water and soap but make sure to wring excess water from the cloth before wiping the affected area.

Use soap that does not make too much foam.  Soap that produces too much foam may leave blemishes and stain on the furniture surface.  Likewise, always remember to use warm water instead of tap water; this will prevent hoops and bands to show on your furniture.

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