Friday, October 21, 2011

What to be Aware of when buying a Sofa Bed

If you do not know that it is a sofa bed, you will think that it is just a sofa.  I said just a sofa because it looks like any other kind of sofas except that it has a provision to turn it into a bed.
The good thing about this furniture is that it serves you two purposes, as it is convertible.  A couch during the day and a bed during the night and you get it at a price of one.  It saves you on space and saves you worry if you do not have a spare bed for a guest who needs to stay for the night.
Nevertheless, there are some points that you need to list down before buying a sofa bed.
Comfort-ability is of the essence.  Do not settle for cheap sofa beds, as these have thin mattresses.  Sleeping on these kinds of sofa beds will only make the user uncomfortable, giving him back pains when he wakes up.  You do not want your guests to feel this way, of course, less you gain a bad feedback from them.  Therefore, settle for those with thick mattresses.  A 4-inch mattress with good ring back springs will assure the sleeper to have the extra convenience he needs.  Check on its cushions, too.  Make sure you do not feel the board or springs when seated.
The size is another vital element to check, too.  The sofa must be suitable for its dual purpose – that of a couch and a bed.  It must be easy to open up as well as putting it back to its original position.  Do not choose a sofa bed that has a tight fitting.
Sofa beds are made of various materials, which is another factor to look into.  Ensure to get one that made use of durable and sturdy materials.   Linen is a good choice for a sofa bed, as this endures the folding and unfolding, which is a common procedure for this type of furniture.   
If you choose to have a light-colored fabric, make certain that is received treatment.  The treatment will prevent it from being damaged caused by stains and spills.  Some furniture shops require an extra amount for this.  It will not hurt your pocket anyway so better have it treated and it guarantees you of its non-discoloration and staying power.
Another thing that you should not forget is to test it.  Hence, lay and seat on it for quite a few minutes.  Be observant and feel its comfort.  If you do not feel comfortable at all, then go choose another one. 

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