Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give Life to Your Home by Adding Colors

Do you want to add some color to your home but is afraid to do so because you do not know where to begin?  Here are a few tips that you can follow:
Begin with just one color then add some accessories.  Have a big decorative throw, vase or pillow in the same tone to make a dramatic look.
Add color on your floor.  Neutral colors would be a best choice as well as for furniture and accessories.  However, have your rug in a bright hue.  The combination will draw the eyes downwards and will make the room more interesting.
Bring in art to infuse your favorite color.  Bold wall decors are good for the neutral colors in the room.  You can have black and white etchings or photos and use bright- colored frames.
Have an accent wall to create a big impact in the room but this time, use a paint color.  Buy a few small tube from a paint store and put them in moderate sized blocks on the wall.  Put spaces in between-- about an inch is enough.  Check how it looks like during the day and the night.  The colors will have a different visual effect depending on the time of the day, as it blends with natural light and your evening lights.  Seeing them on these times will help you decide which color is best for your accent wall.

 Giving life to your home can be achieved with the use of colors.  It is true that furniture, lighting and accessories all play an essential part in enlivening the ambiance of any home, but colors can also do the same.  
With colors, it is no longer necessary for you to buy a new set of furniture.  By using your artistic skills and talents, you can achieve the setting you want for your home. 

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