Monday, October 3, 2011

Choosing between Real Wood and Lacquered

If you were given the chance to choose between real wood and lacquered furniture, which one would you prefer?  To help you decide on these options, here are the benefits of these materials.

The Benefits of Real Wood

A number of people opt for real wood furniture because of the superb craftsmanship in which they are made.  If you are going to use wooden furniture inside the house, then any kind will do.  Otherwise, you must consider several factors if it is going to be placed outdoors.  Bare wood is susceptible to corruption from any kind of liquid so choose furniture that has good coat finish.  Teak wood is a durable and popular wood material used for outdoor furniture.

Sustaining real wood is easy.  Just like any material, real wood also needs to be routinely cleaned.  Water, oil, dust and grime are the usual things that cause damage to wooden furniture so cleaning them is necessary for your furniture to last longer.

Unique carving is one reason which makes real wood popular among furniture buyers. It adds a touch of class and elegance that are mostly found in classic homes.  These carvings are typically seen on furniture with softwood material, as they are not difficult to carve although there are also carved furniture made from hardwood but they are priced much higher. Whether you prefer hardwood or softwood, there is always a piece of wooden furniture that will fit your budget.

The Benefits of Lacquer

Lacquer also known as varnish is a popular finish for wooden furniture.  It produces tough and waterproof covering with a choice of matte or high gloss finish.  Most furniture makers choose lacquer because it quickly dries and it has the ability to fill the gaps and small cracks of the wood.

Aside from the shine it gives to the wooden furniture, lacquer provides a protective shield against scratches and stains brought about by different people and even pets.  Although it provides waterproofing to the wood, liquid spilled unto it should still be wiped off, as long exposure to any kind of liquid will change its appearance.  If lacquer is exposed to liquids for a long time, the coat softens and begins to crack thus allowing the liquid to sip in right into the wood.

Applying a controlled amount of polishing substance to a lacquered wood will not only protect it further bud add shine and cleans it as well.

Wooden furniture treated with lacquer will last longer than bare or polished fixtures. Lacquer also has the property to resist different climates.  It can even shield the wood from mild alcohol and acids although only for a short time.  You must have time to wipe off those harsh chemicals from your furniture.

Because lacquer is a clear finish, it still allows the original appearance of the wood used for the furniture to be seen.

Now that you know the properties of both real wood and lacquer materials, it’s time to choose between them. Whatever your choice is, keep in mind that your furniture must be comfortable and it should be a perfect fit in the design of your home.  

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