Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Use Area Rugs to Augment the Look of your Living Room

The use of area rugs add flair to today’s living rooms.  Compared to the traditional wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs are less expensive and more chic.

Things you need to know when buying area rugs:

Get the measurement of your living room to know the size of the rug that you need.  An open space measuring 4 x 8 inches around the rug must be left open.

Rugs are available in various dimensions – 9 x 12, 8 x 10, 6 x 9, which you can buy from online furniture stores and local shops.    

There is also the option of having them custom built.  The good thing about this is you get the exact color and size that you want, although they may be a little expensive.

Choose the pattern and color that is suitable for your area and one that will complement the rest of your living room furniture.  Geometrical patterns and colors will bring more life in your room aside from concealing blemishes.

Go for neutral colors such as beige or brown if you want a plain rug to mollify the diversified appeal of your living room.

To have a bit of fun and pep, choose area rugs with a dash of colors making sure you blend it with the current colors of the room.

Always feel the rug before finally buying it.  It may look nice but may be rough on the skin.

A bit of knowledge on the materials will help you decide in your purchase.  Those made of wool are smooth and warm while those made of natural materials are coarse and uneven.  Jute and sisal are the natural materials used for area rugs.  Silk rugs are soft to touch, classy and stunning.  The problem is they are expensive and difficult to maintain.

Have a bit of variety by using not just one rug but more.  This means that you have to choose the moderately sized one.  Combine two area rugs by putting them on top of each one.  You can have the medium-sized rugs to give focus to a particular area.  For example, you want to assign an area for reading then use a different color.

So, augment and put a difference in your living room by having area rugs.

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