Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Choose Teak Wood for Your Patio Furniture

=" Choosing outdoor furniture wisely will supplement the beauty and elegance of your patio. A good material for this furniture is wood. However, not all wooden materials are resistant to harsh weather conditions and insects. Therefore, superior maintenance is required to make them last long. Your best bet to having wooden furniture in the patio is teak wood. This type of wood is enduring making it fit for both outdoor and indoor use. =" Belonging to the family Verbenaceae, teak tree is classified as Tectona Grandis. It takes about 50 to 60 years for teak tree to be fully grown which accounts for its being expensive. Nevertheless, it is still the most favored type of wood in producing excellent quality furniture, windows, door, etc. Here are some reasons why you need to choose teak wood for your patio furniture. Teak is nice-looking, smooth, strong and resilient. =" It defies harsh climates and insects. Although exposed to sunlight and rain for a number of years, a patio bench made of teak will survive without regular maintenance. Teak furniture does not need artificial polishing. =" It has silica and natural oil making it resistant to any types of insects. It can be carved and structured because of its pliability and strength. Although it stays in contact with metals such as iron for quite some time, teak wood does not easily decay or fall apart because of its oil and silica element. =" Its trendy design with clean structured lines makes it stand out among other wood materials. Maintaining teak wood is uncomplicated. Its solidity as well as its various features makes it to be a favored choice for shipbuilding all over the globe. =" Even though teak wood patio furniture defies humidity and heat as well as insects, it is still recommended that regular cleaning be observed to lengthen its life span completely. This task must be observed in all furniture and equipment anyway. Because of the shortage of teak wood and its high cost, hardwoods such as African mahogany and oak are used in its place. Nonetheless, nothing can equal the quality of teak wood.

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