Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Choose Sofa Fabrics

=" Knowing the different materials used for living room sofa can help you decide which one is suitable for your home. Here are some data on the following living room sofa materials that will prove to be useful in your purchase. =" Leather sofas are natural products that are innately stronger than other fabrics. It can last you longer if properly maintained. It is breathable and stays warm during winter and cold during summer. It is easier to maintain by just using a dry soft cloth to wipe it. =" Sofas that make use of natural fibers have an untreated look and are very smooth to the touch. Falling under this category are cotton, silk, rayon, wool and linen. These sofas have adequate padding that makes them so comfortable and snug. They are, however, sensitive to extreme weathers that can lead to their damage. =" Artificial fibers used for sofas, on the other hand, are sturdier than the natural ones but are not that cozy. This material consists of nylon, polyester and olefin and is resistant to stain. Olefin and nylon are susceptible to wearing when exposed to sun. Coating your windows will protect these materials to lose their colors. Another downside of these fibers is pilling, commonly caused by heavy people sitting on them. =" Microfibers used for living room sofas combine the qualities of polyester and cotton or acrylics and wool. Manufacturers combined these materials because of the problems experienced from natural and artificial fibers. The result is great, as pilling is not a big issue and they are soft and smooth like the natural fibers. They also come in varied colors, which added to their popularity. =" Sofas made of pile fabrics hid dusts and resist wearing although regularly used. Velvet, chenille and boucle are the different pile fabrics used for sofas. There is also the twill and denim that exudes a more unperturbed sensation. Prone to wearing and noticeable blemishes is cotton velvet. =" Use this information on the various materials used for living room sofa next time you decide to buy furniture. Nevertheless, also consider the weather you have in your locality, as these two should go together. These factors will help you to buy the right sofa and will save you money. You also need to consider the people who will be using it as well as pets (if you have them inside your home). =" Delicately and firmly sewn materials are recommended for family sofa for they are tested to be sturdier. Choose materials like cotton, denim with 20% polyesters and ultra suede for family sofa. You also need to check the fabric’s thread count. If it has a high count, then you are sure of its being really strong. To evaluate this, get a few samples and hold them at the ends. Next, beat the ends harder; if they extend, this means that the material is excellent. =" Since staining is a common sofa issue, get fiber-sealed cushions. You also need to turn the cushions over to balance the weight that they carry. This will prevent the sagging of one side. Vacuum them to get small particles especially on the corners but use the fine small end of the vacuum. Regular dusting is needed by velvet fabrics; hence, do this regularly for your velvet sofa. =" To make sure the fabric will suit your other furniture and your home, request for some swatches to bring home.

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