Saturday, September 17, 2011

Furniture Ideas for a Small Living Room

A small living room does not mean that you cannot have a nice-looking living room.  The secret is in knowing what furniture to have.   

Having furniture that is visually light in weight is one of the best ways to make a small living room look bigger.   This means that furniture is light and airy.  Choose furniture that has legs instead of the boxed type. 

Furniture with legs permits you to have visible space making the room to look bigger that it is.  You can have a glass coffee table top or accent chairs to establish a look of more space.  Select furniture that allows light to pass through the room as much as possible.

Colors also have a big effect on how small or big the room looks.  It can even make a small room look bigger while making a big room look smaller.  To give a breezy feel to a small room, choose pastel colors or neutral palettes of beige and taupe.  You can similarly use lighter colors to make things appear bigger.   

Do not choose stripe, big prints and plaids for upholstery but instead have the textured ones.  With textured upholstery, you get to have the look of a design without the room looking overcrowded.

Use the vertical space in your small living room to an advantage.  Opt to have a taller and narrower bookshelf. 

Have tall floor lamps to direct the eyes upward. 

When you shop for furniture, select those whose size are suitable in your space.  It should always be a rule of thumb to get the dimension of your space.  What seems to be a small piece may not be the same once you bring it home.  Always choose the sofa first followed by the other pieces.

Select your accessories cautiously.  You do not need to have a lot of display items in a small room.  This will only create clutter.   Display only a few striking pieces than complements the other d├ęcor.   

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