Monday, September 19, 2011

Clean Your Dining Room to Keep Furniture Longer

One of the rooms in the home that can be full of mess is the dining room especially if there are children around.  Spills cannot be avoided which can trickle on the chair onto your floor.  Food crumbs can also fall off on your floors and can leave sticky marks on both the dining table and floors when not attended to immediately.  The inability to do regular cleaning in the dining room can make it look disastrous.

Adding to the spills and food crumbs are other items that are left on the dining table and chairs such as books, magazines, pens, papers, dress accessories, etc.   These things are left especially if the dining table is used to finish some office work, make homework, or projects in school.

To put order in your dining area, you need to observe cleanliness procedures strictly.

Give your dining room a regular cleaning.   Pay attention to air ducts and change old air unit or air heating filters.  To decrease the entry of dust, close your window.  Change your curtains twice a week or once a month.  Door entrances must have doormats to let people coming in to wipe their shoes on it.  Give your 
vacuum a regular vacuuming to reduce dust.

Wipe off drips and spills immediately, as they are harder to remove when they have hardened.  The marks left by the spills are also damaging to the furniture.  Mix a few amount of soap in lukewarm water to clear them off the dining tables and chairs.  On the other hand, make use of a good quality carpet and upholstery cleaner for cushions and rugs.

Dust your ceiling fan’s blades habitually.  Use a mixture of soap and tepid water to wash them.  If they are made of wood, use a good furniture polish.

Do not wait for another before cleaning your dining table.  Make it a habit to clean it after every meal and include the chairs.  This will eliminate food crumbs to stick on your furniture.   Buffet table, shelves and cabinets can be cleaned when storing your hand towels and table linens.  When you clean your living room floors, include your dining floors, too.

Assign tasks to each member of the family.  This will make cleaning easier, systematic and at the same time will make each family member to be more responsible.

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