Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Put Order in Your Bedroom


It is true that the bedroom is your private den so you can arrange things the way you want it to be. You can keep it tidy or you can have it unkempt. However, an unkempt bedroom will not give you the stillness and peace that you need.

While it is also true that no one can come inside your bedroom not unless you allow them to, it is still a must that you keep it in order. Some people have this imbedded in their personality and some do not. Nevertheless, you accumulate so many personal belongings over time that you run out of place to store them.


Putting order in your bedroom is easy. There are two options, which you can use:

1. You can either purchase a new set of bedroom furniture with storage features, or
2. You can make use of your old ones and do a bit of renovation in your room.


Option 1 – Modern Furniture

Modern beds were built with varying features. Some were built with drawers underneath. The drawers are placed on each side of the bed and there is another one in its front area. Steel bars were installed for easy maneuvering.


Other beds have small shelves on the headboard for which you can put in your books, alarm clock, reading glasses or small figurines. The shelves can be open or closed depending on your choice.

Modern dressers were built with metal drawer glides on drawers to store your other personal belongings. Store your jewelries, purses, bags, belts, scarves, hankies or shoes in the drawers.


A dresser with sliding doors is more apt for a small bedroom. This will give you more space unlike with the ordinary hinged closet.


A sofa bed can also be used for a small bedroom. You can also find sofa beds that can be changed into twin beds.


With the new styles and designs of modern furniture, you can have this storage space available for you. With more people living in small homes such as apartments, condominiums and townhouses, the best that they could have are furniture with storage spaces. This is most practical to have in a bedroom.


Option 2 – Current Furniture

You can have under-bed storage boxes with rollers if you do not need to change your bed yet. These boxes come with tight lids to keep your things from getting dust.

Mount wall hooks and clips on the sidewalls of your dresser to hang belts, ties, hats, scarves, etc.


Here are additional ways to have storage space in your bedroom:

Have ornamental wicker baskets and use it for your magazine or periodicals.

You can have a custom-built shelf installed on your wall. Put a bedside lamp on its top to illumine your room, which can actually contribute to make the room look big.


Bedside tables are likewise functional furniture to have in your room. Use its drawer to keep small items so they will not be scattered on the floor.

Whatever method you decide to implement, the most essential thing is you obtain orderliness in your bedroom.

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