Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recliner Sofa versus Sofa Bed


Our first requirement when buying furniture in the living room is the comfort that the sofa can give us. We want a sofa that is convenient to sit on and we also look for a sofa that is convenient to sleep on. However, a plain sofa cannot give this to us.

Functionality has been incorporated in modern sofas and so we have the recliner sofa and the sofa bed. Let us analyze the good and the bad sides of these two types of sofas.

Recliner sofas are the ordinary sofa that you have except that it has a custom-built recliner. You can have the presence of your conventional sofa and the recliner sofa in your living room. Both ends of recliner sofas can be reclined.


The Good Sides of Recliner Sofas
  • It does not eat so much space in your living room and yet serves you the purpose well 
  • You can still rest your back, put your feet up and relax regardless of the number of persons seated on the sofa. 
The Bad Sides of Recliner Sofas 
  • You need a bit of space at the back when you push it back as well in front for the foot hold.

On the other hand, sofa beds are also your regular sofa except that you can turn them into a bed once you open them up.


The Good Sides of Sofa Beds
  • They solve your problem of not having a guest room. 
  • They are ideal to have in small homes. They can be placed in a teenager’s bedroom.

The Bad Sides of Sofa Beds
  • They require more space than the recliner sofas. 
  • They are weighty compared to the typical sofa. 
  • They need to be placed permanent on a certain area because of their weight.
Choosing which to buy between a recliner sofa and sofa bed is a matter of requirement.  In fact, you can even have both.  You can have the recliner sofa in the living room and the sofa bed in the bedroom.  Even if you have a big home, you can still opt to have a sofa bed instead of the regular bed in your guest room.

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