Monday, August 22, 2011

Guidelines on Choosing a Coffee Table


It always helps to have a list or set of guidelines when buying things. Thus, in choosing a coffee table for your living room, you also need to have a list of your requirements to get the exact item that you want.

Evaluate where you want the furniture to be situated and measure the area. Ideally, the coffee table should be half the size of your couch, which means you need to measure your couch, too. Give 15 inches allowance between the coffee table and the couch. It would be wise to get a longer coffee table for this will be more useful compared to a small table.


Know the purpose of the coffee table. This will guide you on the dimension of your table. A coffee table that will be used for tea must have a height of 25 inches. Coffee tables for showpieces can have a height anywhere from 11 – 16 inches.

Choosing the coffee table style. It must blend with the overall theme of your living room and must be agreeable to your taste. Your furniture is an extension of your personality, thus not everyone may agree on the same furniture. Impressing someone is not enough if you are not happy with what you have bought.


Some coffee tables have a revolutionary design that veers away from the traditional furniture. Others are modular that can be rearranged to various shapes and allows you store different things.

The shape of the coffee table. This will depend on the size of your living room space. Modern furniture offers different shapes.


Coffee table materials. Wood materials used for coffee tables are mahogany, cherry, oak, pine or teak. Some are made from metal, glass or marble. A few are made from plastics or slate.

The good thing about modern furniture is that they offer more functionality. For this reason, modern coffee tables offer more storage spaces and serve more than one purpose.


Check on the new designs of modern coffee tables from online furniture stores and you will be amazed just how this piece of furniture has evolved to more revolutionary designs and styles.

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