Saturday, July 16, 2011

Which is Better: King-Sized Bed or Queen-Sized Bed?


The most important furniture in a bedroom is a bed. Therefore, the user must be involved when buying his bed, as each one of us has our own requirements. There are different types of bed as well as sizes. Modern beds even come in different forms.

An individual may prefer to have a single bed while another may opt to have a twin bed for his own use. The choice of bed must likewise include the dimension of the room.


Nevertheless, a couple would need a bigger bed. They have two options, the twin, queen or king-sized beds. A twin bed may give a couple just enough space for sleeping but not much if they move while asleep. It can be very inconvenient for each party especially if one moves a lot while sleeping.


In order for couples to have a comfortable sleep, it is recommended that they have the queen-sized or the king-sized bed.

Let us see which of these beds is for you:


King-sized Bed

If you are both after to having more than an adequate amount of space, I would suggest you buy yourselves a king-sized bed.

This type of bed had a width of 76 inches and length of 80 inches. A family of four can lie down on it together and laugh, sing or talk to bond and relax.


However, you need to have a big room for this type and the door opening must be wide, too.

The king-sized bed will not disturb your partner in case he has arthritis or has an injury. Both of you will get the comfort that you need without worrying of disturbing each other.
People who are plus size can benefit greatly with this type of bed, as they will be more comfortable because of its width.


If you want to have more space and feel like a king, then have a king-sized bed in your bedroom.

However, the difficulty of owning this bed is looking for bed linens and blankets.


Queen-sized Bed

Couples can also get the queen-sized bed for their bedroom. It is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long but the size actually differs in each country.

It likewise offers adequate space for both giving them the assurance of not disturbing each one. It is actually the most preferred size compared with the king, as the dimension is adequate for most homes and master’s bedroom.


Some individuals who want a bigger space in their beds prefer this type of bed although he is the only to use it.

Bed linens and blankets for queen size beds have more selections compared to the king size beds.
Your problem though will still be the space you have in your bedroom. Your bedroom must be able to accommodate its dimension as well as your bedrooms doors must allow its entry.


Whatever type of bed you choose, king size, queen size, twin, double or single, the important thing is it will make you comfortable when you lie on it. It will not give you any back pain when you get up in the morning.

Nevertheless, consider your other bedroom furniture when buying your bed. All must complement each other in order to have a nice-looking room.

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