Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Would You Choose: Traditional or Modern Bar Stools?


Choosing the best bar stools is not a difficult job as you might think it is. The only essential thing is to know the style and design that you wanted and what goes well with your other furniture. There are two types of bar stools: the traditional and the contemporary ones. Knowing the difference between these two will help you a lot in your decision of what type of bar stools you would want to have.


Traditional Bar Stools are mostly made of wood. Bar stools made of wood are sturdy and durable. They are, likewise, available in a myriad of finishing such as maple, mahogany, walnut and cherry. Other materials used for traditional bar stools are metal or chrome and wrought iron.

Traditional bar stools are also made in various designs and styles which give you a huge variety of options. You can find the basic stool with no backrest and the new design that features a back and arm rests. There are also stools that are all wood, meaning they have no cushions. I would suggest, though, that you get those with cushions as they are more comfortable especially if you are to sit on it for a long time. There are also rotating stools that give you no difficulty getting on or off the stool.


Because their designs are classic, they can never be outdated. They can blend well with your antique furniture and even with your modern furniture. Furthermore, maintenance is simple. Regular dusting is all you need and use furniture polish once a month to retain its luster.

On the other hand, the Modern Bar Stools come in different types. Wrought iron, metal and chrome are the most common materials used. Lately, furniture manufacturers also made use of fiberglass and plastic materials. Wood, nonetheless, is still used for modern bar stools. These three materials are the usual choices for external bars.

Just like the traditional bar stools, contemporary bar stools are available without a back and arm rests and also with back and arm rests. But again, always get those that are with cushions as they offer more convenience to the person who will sit on it.


Since they are modern, you can expect that their designs are more fashionable. Some even have futuristic and revolutionary features. Modern bar stools will complement any furniture that you currently have. Even if the theme of your home is Mediterranean, Rustic, French or traditional, they will blend well with whatever your home theme is.


Maintenance is similarly easy like the traditional ones since they are made of synthetic and steel. Washing them with soap and water will remove the dust that has built up.


Whether you go for traditional or modern bar stools does not really matter. It will still depend on your predilection. Both types of bar stools have their advantages. But the thing that can help you in your choice is to evaluate where you will use your bar stools. Will it be for indoor or outdoor use? If it will be for outdoor use, then select bar stools that can withstand a lot of moisture. Whereas if it will be for indoor use, select bar stools that will complement your other furniture.

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