Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Understanding What Men Want in Bedroom Furniture: Tips for Women

Knowing what men wants in their bedroom furniture will endear women all the more to their men. Bachelors have taken their own pads or chose to live in apartments to have their own freedom. Here are a few tips for women to fully understand what men want in their bedroom furniture.


A spacious bed is what men want. Hence, a king or queen size of bed will mostly likely be present in any man’s bedroom. Some men may also prefer single beds. This, of course, will depend on the size of the room. However, if you will conduct a survey, the result will reveal that men go for big beds. The reason for this is it allows more body movement plus a spacious bed gives the impression of male dominance.


One such bed that offers a lot of space is the platform type of bed. Platform beds are simply designed and give off a muscular and powerful appeal. These are exactly what men want their women to know -- that they are strong, can be depended upon and yet are amorous and understanding.


Men would also go for beds made of wood. However, the type of wood must also exude strength and durability. Beds made from mahogany or oak will particularly get the nod of men. Polished metal bed also caters to men’s taste of bedroom furniture.

A chest of drawers or cabinets with drawers or compartments. This furniture is present in any man’s bedroom to keep the place in order. It should have enough area where he can hang his suit or shirt. He can put his socks, handkerchief, and other accessories in the drawer. It would also be nice if it has a mirror. Men are also vain like women, you know.


A TV Stand as men love to watch movies. There may be times when he just wanted to watch a movie in the confines of his bedroom instead of in the living room. Its dimension will depend on the size of the television set. Nonetheless, the TV stand must also have provisions for other gadgets like for a small stereo, DVDs, etc.


Bedside table, bedside lamps or mounted lights just above the headboard are other furniture that a man wants to have in his bedroom.


A man would take pride in showing off not just his home but his bedroom to his women friends. He would feel elated knowing that he got his female friends approval of his taste of furniture.

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