Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making the Right Choice for a Dining Table


There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a dining table. You have to make sure if it fits the size of your dining room, if it suits the shape of the area, and if it complements the look of the other furniture in the dining room. You also need to bear in mind the number of people who usually dine in the room. If you have a small family then you may not need a large dining table but if you often entertain guests, you may have to acquire a larger one to accommodate all of them.


You will know if there is enough space in the dining room if there is a standard 32 inches span between the wall and your dining chair. With this, people will have enough space to move and walk around the dining room. This will also be enough for the person sitting to move his chair forward and backward. A standard 28 inches should be allotted for elbow space between the people sitting so they would not bump with one another while dining. This will not restrict their movements because of limited space.


You have to follow the shape of your dining room when choosing your dining table. If your room is rectangular in shape, then a rectangular dining table is most suited. If you have a bigger dining room, you may acquire a round dining table which takes up much space. For more private dinners, a square dining table is more preferable.

However, square dining tables will only provide a small seating capacity. This will only suit a small dining room for a small family. If you often host parties, a square dining table will not fit your needs. Better buy a buffet to accommodate your guests.


A buffet is perfect for serving a large number of people. It sits 8 to 10 persons or more. They may be used as a dining table where all your guests gather together on a single table. Food and drinks may also be served here and utilized as a self-service area. Buffets are also great storage areas for your dinner ware, napkins, utensils and other dining material.

Round dining tables are great for more sociable gatherings. Guests would be able to converse easily with one another. Oval dining tables do not take up much space but are rather unceremonious for parties. Both tables are fit for large dining rooms and large families.

Contemporary dining rooms must have modern dining tables while traditional dining rooms require conventional dining tables. Your dining table must complement the style, color, and mood of your dining room. If your furniture is mostly wood, acquire a wooden dining table.

Your dining table is a vital part of your dining room. It is the focal point of the room and therefore must look good. However, do not sacrifice the comfort you deserve from it. Make sure that it serves its purposes well. Choose sturdy and durable materials.

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