Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five Gadgets for your Living Room


Gadgets have become essential part of our lives and our homes just like our furniture. We spend so much on our furniture because they give so much style and personality in our living room. They also serve us important functions like storing clutter away, being our resting place, and aid us in our daily activities. Our gadgets also do the same. They give a distinct look in our living room and make our life easier and better. Do not let yourself to be left behind and get these five gadgets you certainly need to complete your living room.


Universal Remote

Up to now many people still use remotes that serve only one purpose. However, more and more people are also drawn to use the innovative universal remote control. Unlike the basic remote, it can control more devices. Some remotes can even control as many as 15 devices. Such devices are programmed so you may control them using your universal remote. Instead of having so much clutter around the living room because of lot of remotes intended for a specific device, you could reduce them into having just one. Having so many remotes will just confuse you. They are also prone to getting lost. With a single remote, you only need to watch out for one controller and push a button for whatever gadget it is that you want to activate.


TiVo is one of the most enjoyable innovations there is in the world of technology. It is the fusion of your normal TV with the features of your DVD player. With this gadget you can pause, replay, and forward the regular shows you watch on cable. It also offers trailers, behind the scenes, interviews, and special features just like those offered in DVDs. With this gadget you will be able to catch up on your favorite series without any hassle. Your favorite TV shows may be aired according to your liking. You can now watch your everyday shows the same way you watch a DVD movie where you have more control over the scenes.


Digital Picture Frame

With a digital picture frame hundreds of photos may be contained in just one frame alone! The usual frames can only hold one or a few photos stationed in one position. With digital picture frames, photos are flashed one by one where almost a hundred could be stored and seen. You can avoid having too much frames around and at the same time be able to display as many pictures as you want.


Air Purifier

If you do not have enough windows around the room, the different smells around the home may accumulate in your living room. The smell of food may enter especially if the living room is near your kitchen or dining room. Pets can also smell. You need an air purifier to extinguish the foul odors and to cleanse the air as well. This gadget is most helpful especially if you have breathing and respiratory problems.


Light Dimming Switch

A light dimming switch regulates light in the living room more effectively. It prevents the reflection and gleams of light that often become bothersome when you watch TV. It does not turn the room completely dark. You have enough light to see your surroundings and to avoid eye strain while at the same time having no difficulty watching your favorite show.


Having these five gadgets in your living room will surely make you up-to-date with the latest in technology. It will make life easier and more convenient for you as well as help you maximize the use of your furniture.

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Amazing desing...
Hope my Buenos Aires apartment looked like that!

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