Thursday, April 28, 2011

Choosing the Right Office Chair for You


Working in an office is definitely a tedious job. There is tons of work to do and stressful complications may occur. With all the commotion going on in the office, the type of furniture that you may have can prove to be very helpful. If you do not have the right office chair then work at the office will just be too much of a burden for you. Though you may be busy at work you should have a chair which eases your fatigue. It should serve as your resting place when you get too stressed out. It will also help you to perform better at work. Having the right chair will also do great for your health so you would not end up having serious spine conditions in the future.


One factor you should consider when buying an office chair is its ergonomic value. It should be molded perfectly to the contours of your body and serve its function as an executive chair. It should have the characteristics you need to be comfortable in your work. It should not give you back pains and strains so as not to complicate your physical health.


The height of the chair is very vital for your functionality at work, too. Your arms must not have trouble reaching the top of your table. It should not be too high or too low, just at the same level with your arms. You feet should lie point-blank on the ground and not hang off above it. A standard 16 to 21 inches will be a good height for an office chair. If its height can be adjusted, then there would be no problem. Buy one with armrests. It would be a plus if its backrest may be reclined so you can rest on the chair. If it has wheels and has a swivel feature, then you can move it easily. You also need to check your comfort when seated on the chair. Your lower back should be given more attention.


Sometimes our sitting position causes our back aches, but there are times when these pains are also caused by the chair. Test out the chair first and make sure that you are comfortable when sitting on it so you would not suffer back pains in the future. An average backrest is usually 12 to 19 inches. If the backrest offers additional support for your head and nape, then it would be better.


Some office chairs have armrests which are cushioned. If they are not, you may buy cushions for the armrests so your arms would be more comfortable. There are also more innovative office chairs where the armrests are movable and removable depending on what style you want them to be.
The best material for office chairs is leather. It proves to last longer and gives utmost comfort. It may be more expensive than other materials but with the benefits it offers. Office chairs are also available in fabric with cushions to make you comfortable. This is more economical. Sometimes leather can trap heat but fabric chairs are cooler. If you will avail of cushions, pick firm ones so they would not readily sag. They should be soft enough to be comfortable. However, cushions which are too soft tend to give back pains as well.


The size of your chair will depend on the size of your office desk and the size of your room. Choose something which is just right.

Having the right office furniture will make you be a better employee or businessman. Having to pay for something which will help you in your career and be of help during your stressful times will be all worth it.

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