Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tips on How to Maintain your Micro-Suede Couch


The micro-suede materials used for sofas are silky, soft fabric which is similar to natural suede. It is a mixture of numerous minute polyester yarns that were jointly woven so that any washing preference can be used.

Following is the how to’s of cleaning your micro-suede sofa:

1. Check your sofa’s manual or its label. The label will tell you the right cleaning aid to use. If a “W” is written, it means water can be used to clean the couch. If it is “S”, then you need to use solvent. If you see these two letters sprinted on the label, then it means that both cleaning stuff can be used on the sofa.


2. When you have checked that, remove the cushions from the sofa and vacuum the sofa by using the brush attachment.
3. Next, get a bottle with a spray and fill it with water or solvent or whatever cleaning aid was written on the label or manual. If the sofa is too filthy, add 3 – 4 drops of dishwashing soap.


4. Carefully spray the water or solvent onto your micro-suede sofa putting more concentration on the stains or blemishes. Get rid of the stains or blemishes by using a cloth in wiping the micro-suede sofa. Let it dry completely before letting anyone to sit on it. You can have a tag with the words “wetpaint”.
5. To eliminate stench from other factors like urine, mix distilled water and vinegar then apply it on the area. Follow it up by putting a little baking soda then vacuum it. A real couch that is made of micro-suede is easy to clean unlike those that are from fake fabrics.
6. Use an ordinary and sticky lint roller to remove hairs or lint. Although this can also be removed using your vacuum cleaner.


Part of maintaining your micro-suede modern furniture is to steam it every so often but let an expert do it. Choose a washing service company that has a good standing on cleaning micro-suede couches.

Having sofas made of micro-suede need not give you much worry as maintaining them is trouble free. Just bear in mind that the best way to have your furniture last longer is proper maintenance.

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