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Bathroom Lighting: Which should come first -- Functionality or Style? - ready for posting on blogpost


Some might say, why give so much fuss for the lights in the bathroom. Just one fluorescent light is enough as long as you can see the whole room. Indeed, it used to be that the bathroom is taken for granted when it comes to home designing. However, modern interior decorators have changed this thinking. Bathrooms, nowadays, are given the same attention as that of the other rooms in the home. Aside from the usual stuff that a bathroom should have – mirror, lavatory, shower, tub, cabinets, towel racks, etc., we should also give emphasis to have the appropriate lights.


If we are to look further, the bathroom is not only meant for personal hygiene. There are some individuals who use to stay in the bathroom when they are upset, saddened, or anxious. Others find it better to mull over things before finally making a decision. The use of correct lighting fixtures can add to the consolation that this room can offer when one wanted to let go of the steam he feels. This is basically the reason why different designs and types of bathroom lights have been produced to add to the fresh and new look of this room.


The use of dimmer switches allows you to adjust the glow of your bathroom lights. So if you want to luxuriate in a warm bath, you can have the lights dimmed to add to the calming effect of the bath.

Dimmer switches come in a variety of forms and patterns. Some are traditional while there are also the modern styles. You can check on your local stores or better yet check furniture online stores. The latter will save you much time and effort. Besides these online furniture shops do not only show the designs and styles but also the manner that it should be used.


Other selections you can see are the shower or mirror lights, pendant or wall-mounted lights. They were called such because they serve a specific purpose. Ensure that when you decide to buy one of these, it will serve the function it was meant to be. Bathroom lights should also match the architectural design of your bathroom.

Therefore, pointing out your requirements is the clue. Functionality of lights in the bathroom is of the essence. But if you are to ask me, functionality and style should both be given extra attention to complete the style of your bathroom.

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