Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Safeguarding your Living Room – Making it Safe for your Children to Play Around

The living room also doubles as a playroom for your children. Not every family can afford to have a playroom; so with no specific room for playing kids have to stay in the living room.
With kids around, it is an accepted fact that they will create a lot of mess and at times will have tiny accidents. The common accidents that happen when children are playing are falls, slips, trips, blisters, poisoning as well as drowning especially those belonging to the below 6 years old bracket. These can be caused by the furniture and the children’s toys left on the floor or spills on the floor. Hence, it is a must that the living room is kept safe for them.

To assure and lessen accidents, try the following tips to make your living room a safe place for your children to play in:

• Designate a particular area in the living room as their playroom. Make him understood that he cannot go out of that perimeter when playing.

• Inculcate in him cleanliness and organization. Provide him with cabinets and shelves so he can sort his playthings and arranged them accordingly.

• Assign a section of that playroom for projects that he has to continue. For example, an unfinished artwork, puzzle or craft.

• Educate him to pick up bits and pieces of toys, puzzles, art items that have fallen off the floor. A child must learn how to make his own space clean and the earlier you teach him, the better. You can motivate him by giving small prizes for a task completed. It can also be a fun and learning activity. Let your child pick pieces by color or by groups, say two items first then move on to the next.

• Ensure that the toys you are buying are appropriate for your child’s age. Likewise, remember not to give tiny stuff to your toddlers as these can choke them.

• Have an area rug in the designated area. This will prevent your kid from banging his head or knees directly on the floor.

• Always make sure that the furniture in the area will not cause any damage to your child. A glass coffee table is a no-no in the kid’s playroom space.

Your child can still enjoy playing in the living room and you also will not worry of any danger once you follow the above tips. Children will always be children and naturally playing is an activity they love.

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