Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Select an Office Chair

The best office chair is not difficult to find as long as you know your requirements and at the same time considering your comfort. Do not just buy a chair because of how it looks. You need to sit on it and check if it gives you the ease of movements as well as making you relax although you are overworked. Remember that you are to sit on it 8 hours or more in a day every week. Sitting on a chair that does not provide you with a good back support can eventually give you problems on your spine.

Ergonomics is the science of designing user-friendly furniture and is the tool for producing the best kind of modern furniture for the office especially chairs.

Sitting height is an important factor in choosing an office chair. Normally 16-21 inches is the standard allotment. You should also feel that your feet fall even on the floor and that your arms are in level with your table. You should feel no discomfort when sitting on the chair and that your back is fully molded into the backseat to avoid back pains and strains.

The lumbar part of the body should be given much consideration when picking a chair. The right measurement for a backseat is 12-19 inches. It should provide a feature that will allow you to move it backward and forward.

The arms of the chair should be appropriate to your body as well and fit for various activities. A swivel chair with wheels is much better for greater ease when moving.

With regard to cushions, pick out ones that are made of cloth so it will not feel hot compared with other materials. Make sure that the cushions are soft yet firm and not saggy.

Also, check out your office area so your chair may fit perfectly in it without covering up so much space. We also suggest a five-base chair for greater steadiness.

Remember, you should never compromise furniture quality with price, so better spend a little more on the best chair than having to put up with a low-priced and at the same time low-quality chair.

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