Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bringing Nature Inside Your Living Room

Plants complete the ambience of any home. Placed in the living room, plants add life, splendor and color to the home. Bringing nature inside your home is also beneficial for the family as houseplants provides the household a healthier place to live in. With good quality furniture, be it modern or traditional, your seating room will be more enhanced with the presence of houseplants. However, you need to know what houseplants are good inside your home.

Peace Lilies are a must especially if you are in for a clean breeze. They have been scientifically confirmed to eliminate alien particles in the air by as much as 60 percent. They are also easy to care for, requiring only the right amount of sunlight, watering when the soil is fairly dry, and some misting to keep them looking healthy and alive.

If your home is too dry, then Boston Ferns are for you. They are good for adding some humidity in your home. This plant has leaves the shape of a sword swinging gently to the sides and keeps the spirit of spring close to home. Its soil must be kept moist and must be given strong but indirect sun rays.

A Spider Plant is not as bad as it seems. Actually, it could diminish up to 90 percent of poisonous and harmful pollutants in the air. It has green shrubs and may be seen in other hues as well. It needs lesser watering and indirect lighting after every 14 days and you may watch it grow offspring at its stems.

English Ivies are like peace lilies dubbed as the ‘solution to allergies”. They may live in fences or be hanged like orchids. Lighting is not a problem as any amount would be alright and should be kept on moderately moist soil.

Heart Leaf Philodendrons aka Sweetheart Plant has been recognized by NASA to be an effective eradicator of formaldehyde in air. Just be mindful not to plunge it with much water to keep it from dying.

If you are not blessed with a green thumb though, you could have Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant which does not need to be attended to religiously at all. It contains the same sword shape as the Boston fern and only needs watering once a week.

Houseplants that you will place inside your living room must also blend with the type of furniture you have.

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