Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tips to Arrange the Lights in your Bedroom

A bedroom, to a lot of individuals, is just a resting place where they can sleep. It is regarded by some as an inviting refuge where they can be out of sight from everything. If your bedroom is only meant for sleeping, then any lighting fixture is viable. On the other hand, if you consider your bedroom as your personal haven, then you need to have proper lighting.

Fixing your bedroom does not only involve coordinating the colors of the walls, dresses and cabinets to your bedroom’s tenor. It also involves choosing the appropriate lighting fixture. Lights are very essential as they do not only give good lighting effect but they should be able to provide the function they are intended to by the user.

Bedroom lights must supply the right amount of lighting. Mounting the light on the ceiling which is aligned above your bed is one thing that interior decorators will never allow. The direct light can strain your eyes and give you headaches if you are lying on your bed reading and/or watching television.

Mount a light that can be dimmed if you prefer to have a light above your head. Avoid using lights and lamps that are dark and with exceedingly solid tones in the bedroom. Softly diffused tones are better.

Bulbs in a table lamp must have dim tones instead of an intense one. Go for a longer lamp as this can be angled. If your spouse or partner is asleep and you still wanted to read a book, you can position it in your area without bothering your spouse. Furthermore, it will not glower directly in your eyes.

Get to have a lot of sources for your lights and with varying watts rather than maintaining a primary high wattage light. Likewise, position a lamp on both sides of the bed. With a lamp on both sides, both of you will be able to carry out your own individual activity without troubling one another.

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