Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guidelines to Accent Your Living Room Walls and to Position Your Living Room Furniture Properly

The Fundamentals for Accent Walls

Accent walls rely heavily on your own preference. Interior designers suggest that the wall must be seen right away when you go inside a room to directly catch the attention of the person coming inside the room.

A living room with several entrances will drove the attention of the person coming in to differing areas. To solve this, have your accent wall to the area where the eyes are normally attracted to.

How to Organize Fixtures for the Living Room

1. Begin with the biggest part of the furniture which is the couch. Position it in the point of focus to balance the other pieces of furniture then move the next biggest part followed by the other subsequent size and so on until you have finally positioned them properly. To provide a more conversational setting, place furniture near each other.

2. Avoid shoving the furniture next to the walls. A small amount of space must be allotted to allow the furniture to be more yielding and not to create dents on the wall.

3. To create an impressive look, put chairs that have the same color, shape or size together. If there is no more space beside the settee, then you can fashion another area for comfortable chatting.

4. Split up fixtures that are multi-piece to avoid losing the equilibrium in the living room. Use sectional sofa as armless seats. Place them in the other rooms of the house if there is not enough space in the living room.

5. Use area rugs to keep furniture in place especially if these have been grouped together. The rugs in the region of the seating spot will rightfully guide people on the chairs instead of on the rug. Rugs give emphasis in a room especially if the hues match with a theme.

Include tables for the living room

This is very important especially if you are to offer drinks or snacks to your visitors. They will not have to worry where to put their glass or the plate of snacks. Always take into account the size of the table; it should match with the seats and the area that was occupied by the latter.

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