Thursday, March 9, 2017

Instant Updates to Give Your Home a New Feel

Your living space can have a new radiant look by adding small items. Of course, we would all love to incorporate the items we found in an online interior design website or design magazine. However, the budget is a big thing to consider. Below are a few inexpensive suggestions that will quickly revive the look of your living space and give it more personality!

Quick and Inexpensive Updates for the Home

  • Create a Cozy Space

Open floor plans are in fashion that even larger spaces adapt this design floor plan. Open floor designs allow the flow seamlessly. Although this is nice and pleasant for the overall style of your home, try to create a cozier area. It can be just a corner, not too large but just enough, to accommodate two cozy chairs, a table, and a floor lamp.

A table lamp or a wall lamp will do. Use this corner for reading, relaxing, or a tetè-a- tetè. Make it feel cozier and warm by adding a rug.

  • Build a Collection

Add a few interesting mementos or collection of items that you acquire from your travels or seminars attended, such as photos, plaques or trophies,...

..enameled sculpture, paintings, brass or silver items. Check your items in the other rooms. Group items that have a common element. Place them on a console table, buffet, display cabinet, entertainment center, shelf, or end table. Remember to follow always the rule of putting odd numbers together when creating a collection of items.

  • Mix Colors and Patterns with Throw Pillows

It is common to see matching throw pillows in a home. Deviate from that style by putting together throw pillows with different colors and patterns. Colors and patterns will update your space immediately and allow you to achieve that modern or contemporary living room theme. Choose striking patterns or bold colors if your wall color is neutral.

  • Change the Lighting Fixtures

Change your standard lighting to a more decorative pendant or chandelier. Changing your lighting fixture is an inexpensive technique that will give your room a new updated look.

This also goes to updating your lampshades. You can keep the lamp, just look for a new shade! Again, this is cheaper than buying a new lamp. However, if you have extra money to purchase a new table lamp or floor lamp, then do so!

Look for modern mid-century lampshades. They are in fashion now and are available in a range of shapes, styles, and colors. Pick a simple drum-shaped shade or a bronze or gray shade. This Modrest Blake Modern Rope Floor Lamp will instantly give your room a new look.

  • Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Instead of having the same style and color of dining chairs, mix chairs with arms and without arms. Remove some of the chairs and add chairs of a different color. Just make sure not to put colors that are too contrasting.

Use the chairs that you removed in the other areas of the home. One of the best areas to place a dining chair is in the foyer. Place the chair beside a console table. If you or any member needs a chair in the bedroom, the get that chair in the room.

  • Give Furniture a New Finish or Repaint It

Check your furniture. It might be that the paint color has tainted or chipped. Perhaps the finish needs changing or redone. Repainting furniture or giving it a new finish can instantly liven up your home.

  • Redecorate Personal Spaces

Personal spaces refer to the bedroom, bathroom, or office. Most of us keep our personal space to ourselves. We rarely do not allow guests to see it. Redecorate these personal spaces by bringing in the items that you love!

While buying new furniture will easily give your home a new feel, there are several cheaper methods to do this. Online furniture stores like modern furniture Los Angeles have a variety of small items that will help you update your home instantly without ripping your pocket!

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