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Enjoy Spring at Home with Modern Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture is specifically designed for use in the outdoors, such as in the garden or yard, patio or deck, or the poolside. This set of furniture is set to transform your boring outdoor space into a more comfortable, relaxing, and expressive area. Usually made of durable and weather-resistant materials, outdoor furniture is available in different kinds and a variety of designs and styles. Let us take a look what are the outdoor furniture that will make your patio look better and refreshing this spring!

Modern Furniture for the Outdoors

  • Modern Sofas

Patio sofas come in various designs and styles with some featuring wide, flared armrests while others are without arms. Some patio sofas are upholstered or fitted with removable cushions.

As for support, some are with the typical 4-leg base, panel base, or geometrically designed leg base. Like in modern living room sofas, they may are either 2-, 3-, or 4-seaters. Outdoor sofas are available in different colors from neutrals to vivid colors as well as in shapes – the regular sofa shape and sectionals.

  • Outdoor Chairs

Your choice of outdoor chairs ranges from dining chairs, which are essential if you plan to have weekend dinners with the family and friends, as well as parties.

You can also opt to have bar stools. These pieces like the sofa are either upholstered or with cushions. Designs vary from the standard to stylish and even innovative.

  • Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables, whether to pair for your sofas or dining chairs are available in various shapes that range from rectangular, square, round, or oval. Tables are important elements for eating and serving food, as well as for a table game.

Coffee and end tables feature shelves and drawers for functionality. Materials used for outdoor tables include wood, wicker, rattan, aluminum,...

...concrete, and plastic. Tabletops usually come with tempered glass.

  • Outdoor Benches

Benches are versatile pieces in the patio because they can function as a seating furniture and table, too. They can seat more people than a chair, cheaper than buying another chair. For styles, you can choose from backless or with back.

  • Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are usually long with a slanted surface and feature an adjustable backrest with some featuring armrests. This design allows you to stretch your body while reading or sit with your legs outstretched while your back and head rest on the adjustable backrest. They are ideal anywhere outdoors and even by the poolside.

  • Outdoor Hanging Chairs

Outdoor hanging chairs are perfect outdoors. Suspended from the ceiling, hanging chairs are great whether you just want to sit quietly, read a book, or listen to music. They give you the feeling of being a child again. These chairs are made of fabric (cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, or canvas). They are available in various designs, styles, and colors.

  • Outdoor Umbrella

You may need the outdoor umbrella if you decide to sit on the lounge chaise and read a book to shield you from the sun. Depending on your needs, an outdoor umbrella can serve you in several ways and great for a sunny or rainy weather.

Outdoor Furniture Materials

Leather or fabric are used for upholstery. For the frame, you can pick from wicker, rattan, teak, and aluminum.  The new thing about outdoor furniture is the use of concrete! This gives a trendy, new look to your outdoor space!

Do not worry if your space is small. The Renava Balcony Outdoor Dining Set is an ingenious creation. It has a compact design where you can hide the chairs under the table when not in use.

The choices for outdoor selection are amazing! They could make your outdoor space exciting by being an extension of your home. It makes your outdoor space beautiful, enjoyable, and cozier for you and your family and guests! Modern furniture Miami offers a wide range of outdoor furniture that suits your style, needs, and budget!

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