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Get the Cozy Ambiance of a Small Space into a Big Space

A big space gives you every opportunity to dress it the way you like it. However, some problems may also arise. One of these is how to get the cozy ambiance found in a small space.

Some people who live in big houses often fill their space with furniture and accessories. This may be good if you have a good furniture layout plan. Like in a small space, a big space needs careful planning. You cannot just fill empty spaces with furniture and other items. When this happens, you end up having a messed up look.

A big living room may be nice or not. This all depends on your situation. Most people are having difficulties decorating their big space. Some tend to minimize furniture and decorations because they are afraid to make the room look cluttered. When this happens, the big space looks void with the empty spots. If you are hiring an interior decorator, then a big space will not be a problem. Hiring an interior decorator is not everybody’s cup of tea, though. Some would want to try their hand at decorating their homes. Check our tips to make your big space as cozy as a small space.

Get that Cozy Feeling into Your Big Space

  • Use Colors.

Use darker and affectionate colors for a cozy feel. Paint your walls in a dark color to make the room a little smaller and friendlier. If you do not want to paint your walls, then cover them with wallpapers. Choose those with bright colors and big and profound patterns. Use the color wheel to know you are picking the right dark shade. Choose a group of colors or shade that will establish an affable and inviting atmosphere. Deep tones of apricot or apricot, warm shade of red and rich shades of plum are good choices.

  • Create Areas.

Big spaces are usually emotionless and evoke feelings of unfriendliness. To counterbalance these feelings, create areas. Use area rugs to create areas for entertainment, conversation, and other activities. Area rugs will highlight these spaces. Use a 9” x 12” dimension area rug for a medium-sized living room. Go for a bigger rug for a bigger space. Use different colors and  patterns of area rugs to identify areas.

  • Use Modern Furniture to Create Focus Points.

Use modern furniture to create focus points in the room. Creating a focus point will make your big space cozier and friendlier. Large furniture, such as a modern sofa, the fireplace, a painting, television or a window with a good view can be focus points.

Consider intimate conversations once you have decided on your focus point. This will give your living room a sense of camaraderie. Conversations should not require you, family members, or guest to shout across the room. Leave a small space between your modern sofa and walls for that airy and comfortable look.

  • Liven Up the Room with Accessories.

a. Choose accessories that add warmth to the room. This will help in giving the room a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.


b. Choose a painting or artworks with colors to create a bold  statement. Make sure the colors blend well with your area rugs, throw pillows, and accessories.

c. Quilted chairs and back of sofas provide a homier appeal.

d. Pick accessories in rich shades of red, yellow, and orange for that cozy feel.

e. Fun and cool-colored throw pillows with various shapes, patterns, and textures provide a relaxed feel.

f. Have tall potted plants to fill empty spaces and to balance high ceilings.

g. Place scented candles on top of your modern coffee table or end table to build a stress-free mood.

A big living room offers you the opportunity to place modern living room furniture in two different ways so select the appropriate colors and follow these tips.

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