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5 Tricks for Small Space Entertaining using Modern Furniture

A small space should not prevent you from inviting friends over for a small tetè-a- tetè or party. If this is the reason, then follow these tips and have a great time!

Small Space Entertaining Tips

  1. Let your furniture work dual-purpose.

Check your furniture and reinvent their usage. If you have an ottoman, use this as a table for appetizers.

Adding more chairs can cramp your space. If the chairs are foldable or stackable, then it is not a problem because you can easily open one when you need it. To solve this issue, gather some cushions or throw pillows around your coffee table so guests can sit on them.

Another alternative is to add a few rugs for your guests to sit on instead of the sofa. This will make the atmosphere more congenial and relax.

Modern dining room sets introduced extendable dining tables, which is a great way to save on space. Extendable modern dining tables feature leaves that you can extend to accommodate more people during dinner. When folded, they are great for mingling during drinks and appetizers while having a conversation. The Modrest Glasgow Contemporary Extendable Glass Dining Table extends up to 30 inches can seat up to 10- 12 people comfortably when extended.

  1. Be creative with surfaces.

Unused space is hard to find in small spaces. So, where are you going to places those drinks, appetizers, and table napkins? Look around and be creative! Let your buffet serve this purpose. Get a tray and put all your party items. Next, place this on top of your buffet to make it look like a mock bar cart. The Modrest Aegean Modern Walnut and Teal Buffet was designed to hold wine bottles, making it a great piece for parties and can serve as a bar table.

  1. Free up your space for entertaining.

Your space will definitely feel full once your guests start to arrive so assign a space for clutter.  Move items, such as books, magazines, and children’s’ toys, etc. to another room. Lock the room during the duration of the party so no one will attempt to open it. If your space has an open plan, the best way to free space is to stock clutter in a box or storage box with lid. Cover the box with a mantel and use it as play table or for snacks.

  1. Lower your home’s temperature.

Remember, your space is small and it will get warm quickly once your guests start to arrive. Lower your heat at least one hour before they start arriving. It would be good to open a window to let air inside your home. Do not worry if your home gets chilly. It will soon get warm once your friends arrive.

  1. Dress up your dining table.

Make a superb centerpiece. It can be a flower arrangement or a bonsai plant with a few trimmings. Have candles beside this centerpiece. Doll up the napkins at each plate setting. It does not matter if things do not match. This is the best time to practice the mix-and-match tableware style and look. Add a festive cheer when making each plate setting at the table.

On the other hand, if you are just starting to fill your small space with furniture, opt for dual-purpose modern furniture.

The Renava Balcony Outdoor Set is not only for outdoor but also for indoor use. This dining patio furniture is so compact. Look just how the chairs tuck inside to come up as a single piece with the table.

Another good choice is this modern love seat with wooden trim. The wood trim is part of the extended base that can function to hold cups, glasses, or saucers.

This end table functions as a bar set. It does not eat so much space and stores wine bottles and glasses. It makes it easier anytime you want a drink whether with guests around or alone.

Modern furniture designs and styles are designed with more functionality. This innovation makes it easier for people living in small spaces to have furniture that serves the purpose they need.

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