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Dress Up Your Guest Room for that Hostel Feel


With the holiday season just a few weeks from now, it is time to dress up your guest room for families who are staying a night or two. If you do not have a guest room, you could use one of your kids’ room, or create a cubicle or bunk room.


The presence of house guests usually sparks feelings of privacy invasion. There are people staying or sitting on your favorite sofa or having to race with someone in using the bathroom, and coffee cups left anywhere. Not only that, you also need to prepare food that is more than what you normally do that can affect your budget greatly. It would have been nice if they could stay in hostels or motels. The situation may be different if these are your parents, sisters, as you can ask them to share with the expenses while they are still there. Some would even voluntarily do the shopping.


This is perhaps the reason why some homeowners have decided to turn a spare room into an “earning guest room”. It comes handy if you expect family members and can be a source of income for friends looking for a cheaper accommodation. This sounds interesting, isn’t it? Are you ready to know how you can do this? Well, read our tips and make that room earn a few dollars for you!


Modern Bedroom Look  

Make your guest room feel deluxe by painting your walls in neutral colors. Neutrals are good to begin with as they can stand on their own. Beiges, browns, greys, and whites are exceptional picks. Neutral-colored walls will stand out even more and look fresher if paired with crisp white beddings, nightstands with silver table lamps.


Give it an even better striking look by hanging a high gloss framed mirror on the wall. For a touch of warmth, choose warm colors like red, orange, or blue for other accessories and furnishings. The best thing with neutral-colored walls and fabrics is you can mix and match, making it simpler and uncomplicated in picking choices.

Tip:  Place a luggage rack near the end of the modern bed for your guests to place their luggage.


Antiquated Bedroom Look

Paint your walls yellow and have a four-poster bed or this Modrest Wharton Modern Dark Aged Oak Bed. This combination will give your guest room that interesting old-fashioned look. Complement this with warm, comfortable beddings and classic, contrasting pillow designs to make the room look special.



Tip:  Place a narrow table or desk along a wall to function as an amenities table. The Modrest Avis Modern Walnut Console Table will complete the antiquated look. Place a coffee pot, a few paper cups, and stacks of clean towels on the tabletop. Make sure to have a notepad containing your phone/mobile number, Wi-Fi code, and local taxi service’s phone number.


Warm, Soft Beddings

Make your guest feel welcome and comfortable with warm, soft beddings. Of course, this will depend on the season they are staying in your home.


Sweet, Relaxing Smell

Have scented potpourris or aromatherapy candles on sculptured silver candle holders. Better yet, use aromatherapy oils for that sweet, relaxing smell. Leave a spray bottle on top of the amenity table so they can freshen up the room.



Leave two sets of keys for your guest to prevent him from locking himself out.


It is important to equip your guest room with necessities. It would even be better if it could have an en-suite bathroom. This will give both your guest and family their own privacy and prevent rushing because someone is waiting for you to finish your own thing. Making your guest room full equipped will let them be self-reliant. This saves you from worrying about their needs and having to check on them from time to time.


Start fixing that guest room now to get it ready for the holiday. Check LA Furniture Store for their latest modern furniture sale items!




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