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Design Layout for a Small Space Apartment


Living in a small apartment and thinking how to squeeze your items inside may seem impossible. Some people, however, made it and were happy! Now think of yourself living in a smallish space and want to make the best of the available space. Will you be able to come up with a good design idea that will make your living space functional and stylish?


Being able to do what you need to do in a small space apartment and be happy with it give rise to several questions. What kind of furniture do you need? How are you going to design your space without making it look cramped? Another problem you may face when renting a unit are the rules set by the building owner that limit your options.  icaria_kasos__1480873260_34042

Designing and Planning Your Small Space Apartment

Decide what You Need. 

Know what you really need and design your space to suit those needs. Your lifestyle is a big factor in deciding what you need.

dylan_drs_wal_2__1480873665_12971If you were the fashionable type of a person, you would need ample space for your clothes and accessories. Small spaced apartment usually have a small hallway that opens up to the main living area on one end and opposite it is the bathroom. Place your clothes closet in this small hallway. Get a closet that has built-in drawers and panels with rods. If you cannot have this, opt to have a rectangular dresser with several drawers and install rods to hang clothes.torino_mirror_2__1480874719_79770

Hang a mirror on the wall a little above the chest that will serve as your vanity area. Get a flat open shoe storage for aeration.


Identify the Furniture Needed.

  • Look for multi-functional furniture. Modern furniture manufacturers have come out with multi-functional furniture with stylish designs. Even the materials used are awesome, introducing eco-friendly materials.


Platforms beds with under bed storage, sofa beds with storage,

mh1412_04_dsc_6712__1480874202_51857 tables with drawers, storage ottomans are great buys. They do not only serve one purpose but also give that much-needed storage to prevent clutter.benz_grey_02_dsc_1832__1480873118_98149


  • Maximize Your Space. After identifying the furniture you need, it is time to take extra steps to maximize your space.


  • Label the zones within your small space. Have accent walls for each zone or place an area rug in the living room. This technique will create a room within a room.


  • If it is impossible to paint the walls, hang a huge painting or any wall art. Removable wall decals are another great option to label the zones.


  • Make use of the doors. Get those shoe storage bags and hang these on the fronts and backs of doors. Another best way to make use of doors is hang a vanity mirror, or use it as a creative bulletin board. Be artistic and let your creativity come out!



  • Create illusion. Mirrors, glass furniture, and furniture with highly polished surfaces will help expand a small space. Choose furniture with legs. Buy a modern sofa that has sturdy legs. Furniture raised above the floor opens up space, making the room look bigger.


  • Avoid clutter. Make your space clean and organized. Creativity and ingenuity are necessary for a small-spaced apartment. Your limited space will look even more restricted if clutter is everywhere. Stay organized. Always put things back where they belong.


If you need a home office space, this modern office desk is enough to have that working area you need.


  • Lighting. Lighting is an essential element in decorating a home. Table or floor lamps are great to have. They will provide that ambient feel in your home. You still need a general light, but switching a lamp is enough if you are just watching TV.


Giving your small space apartment a dazzled, functional look is not difficult. Review the tips above before you start buying items to make it nice, warm, and livable!

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