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Your Reading Nook from Modern Furniture Los Angeles


Reading is one of the most common hobbies of people. In fact, there is always one or two who loves to read in a household. Anyone who loves to read will agree that a comfortable, quiet place is important. With a cozy reading nook, you also have a space that you can use for doing other activities, such as studying, writing, drawing, or listening to music. It can even be a meditation room.

Act Now and Get that Reading Nook


  • Look for a Good Spot for Your Reading Nook, such as a Corner or Alcove.

The better method to find a good sport for this nook is to rearrange your modern furniture. This will open up spaces that are great for this purpose. Make sure to pick a quiet area and one that has one or a couple of windows.


  • Decide the Modern Furniture that You Need.

This includes seating furniture, table or desk, a bookshelf and an ottoman. Think how you would want the seating to feel or the comfort it offers.


Your choices range from a club chair, a tall chair with a wingback design, a chaise, a recliner, a love seat, corner sofa, or just a simple upholstered chair. Or choose to have this Modrest Warren Modern Black and Walnut Accent Chair. To help you make a decision on the kind of seating furniture to buy, think of the best position that you normally do when reading.


For the table, you can have either a coffee table, end table or a console table.


If you will be using the reading nook for other purposes like writing, studying, or drawing, you definitely would need a desk and a chair. A desk with drawers is a good choice so you can store other items, removing clutter in your reading nook.


Having a bookshelf is another necessary item so you have a place for books and other accessories.


Wouldn’t it be nice and relaxing to put your feet up while seated on a chair or sofa? An ottoman would make it even more relaxing. It is better to have an ottoman for your feet rather than putting your feet up on top of a coffee table.


  • Give your Reading Nook Adequate Lighting.

Lighting is essential in any space. There are specific lighting fixtures that are appropriate for reading. Your options range from having a table or desk lamp, a floor lamp; just make sure it is adjustable. Choose a light that creates a balance between the lighting you need and level of comfort.


  • Open the Windows During the Day to Let the Daylight In.

It does not only give you free lighting but also disinfects your reading nook. Be sure to have curtains so you can draw them if the daylight becomes too harsh.


  • Make it Comfortable.

Make your reading nook as comfortable as possible. Add pillows and an area rug.


Pillows with different colors and patterns will make the room lively as well as cozy.

maltino_dark_grey_web__1475421673_49867 An area rug would add warmth, aside from the nice feel on your soles. You can even have a couple of stuff toys. It all depends on you. Colors, textures, and patterns will make your reading nook comfortable, warm, and safe.


  • Make Every Space Useful.

Place the bookshelf in a corner or the console or desk perpendicular to one wall. This will create the impression of having a partition for that sense of privacy. You can also create a canopy by hanging curtains around the nook for a better feel.


  • Keep Snacks Nearby.

This is why you need multifunctional modern furniture. It is always nice to have something to nibble on while reading a very good book!


  • Scents and Aromas.

Complete the nice and sweet feel of your reading nook by adding seasoned or scented candles. Even potpourris will do; place them in a nice ceramic bowl.


For someone who loves to read a lot, a reading area is definitely a must-have in your home! After all, having a reading nook in your home is not at all that complicated with the help of modern furniture Los Angeles!

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