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Why Have Concrete Modern Furniture for the Home


With the variety of furniture styles and designs, replacing home furniture is easier. Some of us still prefer the traditional or classical designs – those with intricate carvings, leather- or fabric- upholstered sofas, wooden table and chairs or furniture made from stainless steel, metal, granite, or plastic. A new material used in building furniture emerged a few years back. I am referring to concrete. Known for building bridges, buildings, bridges, roads, and homes, it is now used for dining tabletops, buffet tops, nightstands, dressers, chest, and even chairs and sofas. Yes, concrete made a big turn!


Reliable modern furniture designers use concrete materials in their designs because of its strong distinctive character. This unique charm reveals much about your persona and taste, giving you that individualistic difference!


Why Choose Concrete Modern Furniture

Here are some reasons why you need to have concrete modern furniture in your home.


The Advantages

Affordable. As a material, concrete is relatively affordable than the other materials. It is cheaper than tiles.


Custom-made. Designing concrete furniture depends on the designer’s imagination. The designer can mold it in any manner, turning imagination into reality.



Colorful. Concrete used to be available in a single color, which is dull gray. This has changed in time. Today, concrete comes in several colors. You can have concrete in any color you desire through staining or both.



Texture can imitate wood grain or almost any texture that the designer can wish or imagine. It can have a sleek finish like wood, making it less permeable.



Sturdy. Concrete can endure any kinds of beatings, harsh handling, and weather conditions, requiring less maintenance. Cushioned concrete chairs or sofas last longer than conventional cushioned chairs or sofas because it does not have any springs. Cushioned concrete seating furniture is as comfortable as the conventional ones.


The Disadvantages

Concrete furniture, like other furniture made of other materials, also has its share of disadvantages. This includes:72354_conner_bed_dkwalconcrete_6_29_2016_lr_01__1475744423_20278Heavy. Concrete furniture is heavy, so it is difficult to move them around. This may limit you from re-arranging furniture. The heavyweight is a problem when vacuuming or washing the furniture. You can find some concrete furniture with a lighter weight, but these are made of a mixture of materials so these are not as sturdy as pure concrete furniture.


Porous. With this characteristic, concrete can have unsightly stains. When buying concrete furniture, make sure that a sealer was applied. Also, avoid putting hot items on its surface.


Prone to Cracking. Although concrete is sturdy, it is prone to cracks if something heavy falls on its surface.


Concrete furniture is a new thing to us. Some customers may think twice buying it; however, one cannot deny the beauty of modern concrete furniture. The best feature that appeals to homeowners is its uniqueness and weightiness, providing an extraordinary touch and look in their homes. With the creativity applied on concrete furniture, anyone would fall in love with its distinctive beauty, flair, and style!


While it has a few disadvantages, the advantages of concrete furniture excels in its own right! Introduce a new look into your home with modern concrete furniture!

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