Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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Add some 60's Mod style with these modern statement pieces

Mod Mod World Polyvore

1. The Modrest Evening View 3-Panel Photo On Canvas will look stunning in any room you decide to put it in.

[caption width="800" align="aligncenter"] 3-Panel Photo On Canvas[/caption]

2. The unique sun-like design of the Modrest Lotus Modern Wall Mirror gives it a sophisticated look.

[caption width="1200" align="aligncenter"] Modern Wall Mirror[/caption]

3. A Modrest Timber Modern Walnut Bookcase will provide ample space store things while turning heads at the same time.

[caption width="530" align="aligncenter"] Modern Walnut Bookcase[/caption]

4. This Amalfi Modern Full Leather White Sectional Sofa is designed with the customer in mind.

[caption width="1200" align="aligncenter"] White Sectional Sofa[/caption]

5. The Avis Modern Walnut Matte Coffee Table is unliquely designed for safety. But that does not diminish the look and feel of the coffee table at all.

[caption width="1200" align="aligncenter"] Matte Coffee Table[/caption]

6. Modrest Igloo by Linie Design Modern Cowhide Area Rug has different colors of leather and also has a charmed feel to it.

[caption width="1200" align="aligncenter"] Modern Cowhide Area Rug[/caption]

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