Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decorating a Man’s Bedroom with Furniture, Colors and Accessories

Men want their bedroom to be practical and functional.  At this stage, men have outgrown their fondness of putting the posters of favorite athlete and rock band on their bedroom walls (which they used to during high school days).  Unlike women, men do not need many frills in their room.  Here is the best way to decorate a man’s bedroom through the use of furniture, colors and accessories.

We start with the colors first.  A great color to use for a man’s bedroom is to combine the basic hues to a bolder hue.  This will give the room a strong appeal which is what men wanted.  Wallpaper finishes that have horizontal and vertical lines will provide the room a fresh and clean look while at the same time projecting a masculine appeal.  The bold colors that you can use are blue, green, cream, purple, cream and black.  Men would want to have wallpaper in wave patterns.

The second thing is selecting bedroom furniture pieces.  The modern platform bed is perfect for a man’s room.  Get one that has a wooden frame that features a headboard.  If you can get one with a foot board, then do so.   

You can find some modern platform beds that come with a fitted nightstand.  Have an alarm clock and table lamp on his nightstand.  You can opt to have an overhead lamp on the headboard, too.

Aside from the bed, a man would need furniture that offers plenty of storage spaces.  You can also find platforms beds with underneath storage.   

Choose a wardrobe or an armoire that has shelves and cabinets so he can have room for his underwear, socks, and other clothes accessories.  Wooden furniture would suit a man’s bedroom, as wood signifies strength that denotes masculinity.  Furniture made of wood, likewise, presents a clean, minimalist and sleek appeal – features that are appealing for men.

For his beddings, look for linens that have restrained and silky designs.  Choose earthy hues for his bed sheets such as blue, black, brown or a deep red.  If he prefers to have patterns, get beddings with animal prints.  Adding bright and vibrant appeal are satin sheets.

Accessorize a man’s bedroom by having modern paintings on his wall.  The table lamp is already a part of the room’s accessories.  Have an area rug that he can use during the winter season.  Keep a pleasant smell in his room by providing neutral colored scented candles.  Accessories must be minimal though.

Remember that men are not too fussy like women.  Hence, they want their bedroom to be simple but will provide them comfort.  Put importance in the choice of bed.  Men want a bed where they can sprawl their body conveniently; hence, a big size bed is better.

Modern furniture for the bedroom features contemporary designs making them utilitarian and efficient.  These are the precise furniture that any practical individual needs in his own sanctuary.

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