Monday, March 26, 2012

Choosing the Right Size of TV Stand for Your Home

One of the essential furniture pieces in  the living room décor is the television, as it is the principal source of relaxation for most families.  A few household, however, pay much attention on choosing the ideal TV set but leaving the appropriate TV stand.

The materials and designs must be given importance when choosing the right TV stand for your home.  Modern living rooms would look better with a stand made of glass or metal.  TV stands made of wood would complement the traditional type of home but choose one that has the same tone with your other furniture.  With the right size of TV stand, you have made the focal point in your living room.

How to choose

Select a stand that suits your room size and can house the TV set.  Put a small amount of space, though, on the sides of the unit to avoid making it look tight.  

Profundity must be taken into account.  The new styles of television sets will not give you any issue on this aspect but not if you have the old style that sticks out at the back.  Hence, measure its depth and again allow 1 to 2 inches for the cords and cables.

The TV stand must appropriately support the television’s weight.  Not all the TV stands that you see can give the proper support.  They are made with various materials and methods.  Check on your TV’s manual to get its weight as well as its size.

Small units would require small TV stands, of course.  These are not heavy and are easier to transport or move.  If you have a TV in your bedroom, small stands would be ideal.  Small stands provide spaces or shelves for your DVD and other items and are available in various styles and designs.

Large TV stands have more shelves to house all of your entertainment devices such as the DVD player, home stereo and other stuff; thus, eliminating clutter in your living room.  They are, however, heavier and require more space.

Choosing the right size of television stand for your home will rely on your room size, TV size as well as your other requirements.  It must also blend well with your other pieces of furniture.

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