Saturday, March 24, 2012

Accent Walls and Living Room Furniture Placement Guidelines

Becoming a very popular part of home d├ęcor are accent walls.  Looked through a magazine and you will notice an accent wall is present in most of the rooms.  However, you may find it a little intimidating if you never had one. Following are some guidelines on how to have accent walls and how to place your living room furniture to make it look like a professional designer did it. 

You can follow numerous guidelines on doing this.  Choosing the wall that is in the line of your sight upon entering the room is suggested by most interior designers.   The eyes of the person entering your living room must be drawn by the accent wall in a straight line.

If your home has plenty of entrances, the line of sight will vary on which entrance will be used.  Your best solution is to have the accent wall where the eyes are naturally attracted to.  This is exemplified when you have a big window or fireplace, as it will naturally attract anybody’s attention.  A fixed object does not need to be your focal point.  A work of art like a painting or sculpture and even a piece of furniture can be your focal point.

Modify the position of your furniture

You can always alter the way your furniture has been positioned.  It does not have to stay the way it is for years.  

Start with the biggest piece, which is the sofa.  Put it in a spot where it faces your focal point.  Place the other pieces accordingly by their sizes.  Sofas and chairs must be closely placed with each other but not too close to provide a more conducive atmosphere for conversations.

Leave a small space between your furniture and the walls to avoid the look of rigidity.  A sofa table between the wall and the sofa can make a big difference.  Display some mementos or collectibles on top of the table.

Put a coffee table or end table where appropriate.  This will provide functionality so books, magazines, cups, glasses and food can be placed while conversing or watching TV.  Choose the proper size of table to blend with the size of your living room and the sofa or chairs.

Enjoy having an accent wall in your room by following the above guidelines on accent wall and living room furniture placement.

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