Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Types of Sofas – What they say about you

Whatever things that you own are a clue to your personality.  This holds true with the furniture that you have in your home.  Your lifestyle, interests and personality is seen in your choice of sofa.  Here are the different types of sofa and see what suits your character and individual style.

The leather sofa is known for its strength, resilience and its lavish appeal.  Most of all, leather sofas are easy to maintain.  Hence, this is suitable for people who do not have much time to take care of it.  A leather sofa indicates that you are a sensible and practical person.  You are there to give support, advice and guidance to your friends and families.  You demand attention and get wiser as you mature.

The fabric-cotton sofas are popular for their comfort.  It gives your home warmth, welcoming and homey feeling.   If you want a sense of contentment, fabric sofas are for you.

The sectional sofa suits people who want to have a contemporary look in their living room and likewise comfortable.   Sectional sofas provide more seating for the family and guests.  Owning a sectional sofa means that you are ingenious, practical and flexible.  It also shows that you are open to change.  

Sofa bed or sleeper sofa is another practical piece of furniture.  This type of sofa is convenient, as it serves you dual purposes.  You get to have a sofa and bed in one piece of furniture.  Its functionality and versatility suits a multi-tasking person as well as someone who works continuously.   If you are open to changes and expediency is vital to you, get a sofa bed.

You can check on LA Furniture Store for the different types of sofas.   Their sofas vary from those that have a contemporary design to modern and transitional designs.  They also have traditional designed sofas.

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