Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rules when Buying Furniture

Furniture completes the style and design of our homes.  They add to the ambiance and the personality of each room as well as speak of our own individuality.

Buying furniture must be given utmost attention in order to get one that is suited to your home and your personality.  They are also one of our biggest investments in furnishing our home.

Here are some rules to guide you on buying home furniture.

The First Rule – Settle on how long you want the furniture to last.

Some homeowners settle on buying ready to assemble furniture when decorating their home, especially if they are just renting it out.  Their reason for doing so is they may not be able to bring the furniture with them if they decide to move home.  There is no doubt that these types of furniture are nice and useful; however, stylishness and stability can be best achieved by buying ‘real’ furniture. 

The Second Rule – Get the dimension of the rooms, doors and stairs of your new home.

It would help you a lot if you can draw the floor plan on paper and note the measurements.  This will give you an idea of the appropriate furniture to buy.  Mark down the exact fitment that you want to position on a certain area and let it be your guide when you purchase furniture.  Base the size of your furniture from the measurements that you got.  Nevertheless, do not forget the appliances particularly in the dining room/kitchen.  If your new home has a staircase, note that the width of the steps or if it has any curves.  

The Third Rule – Check and set a budget.

This is the ultimate thing to be considered.  Do not fall into debt just to buy the furniture that you saw from the shop or the internet.  You must know how to live within your means.  If your budget cannot accommodate buying new sets of furniture, then settle to having second hand ones.  Perhaps, some of your relatives are just waiting for someone to buy a sofa set that they no longer need. 

You can also check online furniture stores, discount sales or garage sales.  Online furniture stores sells furniture that is cheaper compared to physical furniture shops, as they do not have high operating costs.  They similarly have discount sales most of the time.  You can also opt to buy second-hand fitment from your relatives.

Nevertheless, do not be afraid to purchase good quality furniture, as you have a few options on what to do with them in the event that you move house again.
  • you can bring the furniture with you and use it still. 
  • sell them at a lesser price
  • do a good deed and give it your friends, neighbors or charity, or
  • just leave it
 Follow the above rules and get the stress out of you when buying furniture.

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