Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Different Materials used for TV Stands

TV stands can either be all wood, glass or a combination of both.  Which of the two is suitable for your home is a matter of what your requirements are and who will use it.

TV stands made of wood

Traditional or contemporary furniture makes use of wood and TV stands are not an exception.  Various wooden materials are used to make TV stands, either softwood or hardwood.  Some are with intricate designs especially those that are quite conventional.  The carvings though are not the same as the antique ones.  The carvings are what you call bas-relief where no figures were undercut.  TV stands made of wood have been finished or painted that has a slight color.  Wooden TV stands can blend with any type of furniture in your living room.

Contemporary TV stands provide more storage space with their built-in drawers and cabinets.  They are also easier to clean and maintain compared with the traditional ones.  Cables were also provided holes so they will not be scattered all over the room.  The other good thing about contemporary TV stands is the presence of doors wherein they are safeguarded from collecting dust.

TV stands made of glass

Glass TV stands have two choices – tinted or clear glass.  Frames support the glass and are ideal for any home but choose those that use thick glass.  They complement a contemporary-themed living room.  Like their wood counterparts, they are easy to clean and maintain.  Daily dusting is sufficient to retain their shine and to keep them looking new and fresh.

However, a home with children and pets around cannot afford to have glass TV stands, as it poses harm to them.  They will also get smudged caused by children wiping their fingers on the glass.  Cables are not hidden, too.   

TV stands that make use of both wood and glass

The glass in this type of stand is usually concentrated on the doors. The best thing with these combined materials is you can put on display your ornamental pieces.

Whatever material you choose for your TV stand, always ensure that it can fully support your unit and can provide space for your other media equipment.  The main reason you are getting a stand is to keep your equipment in one area to avoid clutter; hence, functionality must be at the top of your list.

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