Monday, October 31, 2011

A Woman’s Living Room: A Preview

Most women go for fashion, style and comfort.  When they buy items, they see to it that it reflects their personality.  This is not just true in their choices of dresses and accessories; this also applies in their choice of furniture.  Check a woman’s living room and you would feel the feminine touch in it.

A central piece will not be missed in a woman’s living room much the same way when they dress.  Hence, they will choose an accent wall that will deliberately steal the onlooker’s attention or a coffee table that makes a difference or a painting, etc. depending on their preference.

A woman’s modern-themed living room may consist of contemporary sectional sofas with contemporary and clean structures that are angled or rounded in style.  A single bold color may be chosen.  It can also have two hues but the main color would be a brighter one.  Upholstered materials for sofas are good choices as it provides more comfort.  Choose from leather sofas or those made of microfiber or microsuede.  To get that luxurious appeal, pick modern sofas that made use of hardwood or metal.  To rest your tired feet after a hectic busy day, choose a lush ottoman in warm pink with metal feet.  Modern furniture would suit a woman’s fancy, as they are easier to pair with, functional and light.

The traditional type of furniture would suit women who still prefer some touch of conventionality in their living room.  Conventional sofas or sectionals were given new designs and styles without losing traditionalism.  Materials, designs and styles of traditional furniture offer durability, comfort as well as opulence, too.  Women who love arts would prefer this furniture for their intricate carvings. 

Transitional furniture puts together traditionalism and modernity.  Bearing a touch of sophistication, transitional furniture offers comfort, simplicity as well as sturdiness.  Their main attraction is in the color and the straightforward structure.  These kinds of furniture combined both modern and traditional appeal in a living room.   Carvings on these kinds are simple that can still grab anyone’s fancy.

Rugs and throw pillow in soft colors or floral designs would complete the set up of her room.

Although some women would prefer a lavish-looking living room, most would prefer functionality in the room.  This is not confined to married women; even single women prefer furniture that offers usability.  Next to that is durability and most of all, would love to hear and see the admiring looks and encouraging words from their friends and family.

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