Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Using Furniture to Refurbish Your Man’s Living Room

Refurbishing your man’s living room must be done with great planning.  You cannot just go alter everything without considering his taste and how he would feel about it.  It may well be a good thing to know exactly what he wants prior to starting this project. 

You can start with the walls of his living room.  Neutral colors as the base and blending it with other color tones are good alternatives.  Choose dark red or dark green for his accent wall and highlight it with metallic silver or gold for an urbane look.  Neutral tones on the larger walls can be used and complement it with another hue on the smaller walls.

Furniture for his living room

Choose sofas that are tough and masculine in looks.  The transitional type of furniture will be a good choice, as this does not incline to be feminine or masculine.  This type of furniture can serve both purposes.  Those made of leather materials are also ideal for a man’s living room. 

Pair off his sofas with throw pillows that have animated hues but not too bright.  Instead of curtains, use wooden blinds for his windows.  The blinds will accentuate his living room’s accentuations without removing the interest from his room.

Have some walls shelves to show off his treasured collections.  This can be anything from minuscule wine bottles and goblets or glasses, tokens from his trips abroad, trophies from a sports he loves or plaques of recognition.

If he is a lover of art, then display them on his wall.  Alternatively, you can have his other passions like a poster of his favorite care or sportsman.

Do not forget to have a bar in his living room.  Modern furniture offers small bar set that can be positioned in a corner of the room.  Modern coffee tables have been designed offering provisions for bottles of wine.

Instead of putting his pictures on a frame, opt to have a digital frame.  This can have his pictures showing his triumphs whether in work, in sports or in other fields.
One more thing that you should not forget in his living room is the ottoman.  Men love to put their feet up while watching TV. 
Refurbishing his living room only takes a little patience.  You can also invite him to join you, which can bring you closer to each other.  Remember though not to show much masculinity in the room.  Likewise, include a touch of compassion and concern so he will not appear cold to other people.  His guests will have to feel his gentleness the moment they enter his living room.


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