Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Pick a Good Chair for your Office

Finding the best office chair is easy if you know your preferences as well as putting importance to its comfort-ability. 

Buying an office chair because of aesthetics is not enough.  This will not tell you if it is convenient to sit on; hence, you need to really test it – in other words, sit on it.  You need to examine if it will give you comfort even if you do some movements while seated.  Working in an office entails you to sit for 8 hours or even more every day.    Therefore, you need to pick a chair that can support your back well to avoid having back pains.

Here some pointers when choosing an office chair:

The chair must be designed ergonomically.  This refers to its being user-friendly and is commonly used term in the office referring to the equipment used by workers.  When a chair is said to be ergonomics, then it means that it is suitable for office use and does not hinder the worker’s productivity. 

Put importance to the chair’s height.  A good office chair must keep your feet flat on the floor and your arms must be at level to your table.

The backseat must follow the contour of your back to eliminate any back strains and pains.  To support fully your lumbar part, the backseat must be 12 – 19 inches high.   Pick a chair when you can recline it forward and backward.

Select a chair with arms; however, make sure that the arms of the chair will not hold you back from working.  
Pick a chair that swivels and has wheels.  This will be to your advantage as it offers you ease of movement.

Chairs that are made of fabric are better for they do not get too hot even if you sit on it for hours.  Cushions that not too soft nor too hard and are not too tight.

Ensure that your office spaces will be able to accommodate the chair you intend to buy.  Its extent must not occupy much space in your office room. 

Remember, a good office chair will help to make you work efficiently and productively.

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