Saturday, October 15, 2011

Child-Friendly Dining Room Furniture

Although it is important to look into the aesthetics of furniture, it is more essential to check its quality.  This is especially true if you have children, as you need to assure that the furniture is safe for their use.

Here are some elements that you need to include in your list when buying child-friendly dining room furniture.

Select materials that are child-friendly.  Children are known to play wherever they are.  They create a lot of mess and your furniture will not be spared from this.  When they eat, expect a lot of crumbs falling on the table and chairs.  They would even wipe their dirty hands on the table and chairs to your dismay.  Spills are also to be expected, which can leave permanent blotches on your furniture.  Therefore, choose furniture materials that are easy to clean.  Lacquer wood is an excellent choice since they are stain resistant.  If you want your dining chairs to have upholstery, then choose leather.  They are resistant to stains and dirt and easier to clean.

Get good quality materials so they can withstand the “beatings” of your children.  Materials must be sturdy.  Examine them well.  Pay extra attention to their screw, bolt, nuts and hinges.

Do not select dining room furniture that has sharp edges and corners.  This will only injure your children.  Plastic furniture would be a good choice.  They come in different designs, styles and colors that children would love.  However, choose those that are good quality plastics.  You can also buy furniture made of metal but put cushions to make them comfortable as these are hard materials.

Use vinyl covers for your furniture.  Vinyl will safeguard your dining room furniture from scratches and smears.  They also thwart your furniture from making any squeaky noise. 

Choose upholstered furniture.  Children love to seat on soft and comfy chairs.  A wooden chair makes them uneasy as well as a metal one.  This causes them to fidget all the time when seated.  A good cushion will prevent them for turning around and will keep them in place.  The upholstery will also prevent your furniture from gathering dirt.  Nonetheless, choose materials that are easy to maintain such as fabrics or leather.

Use furniture covers as these also safeguard your furniture from dust.  Using them will lessen your cleaning time.  Choose stain resistant and easy to wash furniture covers.

Your children’s safety must be given priority.  Do not just choose furniture because of it chic style and designs.  Settle for those that are not harmful or damaging for your children.

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