Friday, February 4, 2011

Putting Fun in the Dining Room can lead to an Enjoyable Meal

Is eating in your dining room becoming monotonous? Have you noticed your kids finishing their food so quickly? Is it the food that you are preparing or the ambiance in your dining room? Well, maybe it is about time to do a bit of redesigning this room.

A dining room certainly must have a table and chairs. It is advisable to have a dining table that can accommodate 4-6 persons not considering the number of your household. However, you must get a bigger dining table if there are more in the family. The size of the table must coincide with the dining room’s size as well. Modern furniture offers a lot of variety in dining tables. There are the wooden and glass top tables as well as wrought iron tables that come with a lustrous glass top. If your dining room’s style is traditional, you can go for the traditional Italian furniture designs. Another modish thing with dinner tables are the Japanese and oriental type of furniture.


Have a cabinet buffet where you can store your cutleries, table napkins, runners, covers and display your beautiful collections. They can also serve as a serving table when you are entertaining guests aside from being an ornament. A big flower arrangement can be placed on top surrounded by precious works of art.

To make your dining room an exciting place to eat, store in creative candles and get to have a candlelight dinner with the family for a change.

Display beautiful paintings or use nice-looking dining table covers.
You can also put on view family photographs or objects which you have inherited from your elders. Adequate items that can trigger conversation would be great in the dining room. Remember, however, not to over decorate your dining room.


There should also be adequate light in the dining room. A contemporary chandelier above the dining table is a good choice.

If the dining room is near an outdoor area, a ceiling fan would be a nice treat and even in summer.

Do away with carpets in the dining room as they attract dust.


With just a little renovation, you can bring back fun in the dining room in order to have an enjoyable meal. Whether your dining room has contemporary or traditional furniture, eating is one activity that must be enjoyed by the family. It is a must, therefore, to keep this place spic and span. Apart from that, the dining room is also a place where we bond with each one while having an enjoyable meal

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