Monday, February 7, 2011

Choosing Furniture for your White Living Room Walls

There are some people who prefer to have white walls in their living room. For them, it means cleanliness and newness while others say that it is easier to look for furniture that will blend with it. Well, there are indeed many different combinations that can go with white walls. However, you also need to be cautious in your choice in order not to create a sense of barrenness. It is better to choose contrasting colors to accentuate the whiteness of your walls.

Once you know how to make use of some hues and patterns, a living room with white walls will look livelier. So try the following steps to put more life in your white-walled living room.

Choose white sofas and chairs with patterned throw pillows

To have a bit of difference, have a coffee table that has a glass top with light brown wood as its border. Make use of upward shades of patterns in fixtures as well as in other decors so as not to draw the attention much on the white walls.

Choose black and red combination

This combination with your white wall as background creates a modern dramatic look. Other accessories that you can use are red cushions that are encased in black. Do the same in other furnishings to make the room vivacious.

The conventional black and white

Another characteristic of contemporary sophistication is the conventional black and white combination. As a matter of fact, it is the preferred choice for white walls. Black leather couches or sofas, black or white area rugs or carpets, glass-top tables with black borders and black or silver lamps are the choice of many. Use patterns in different decorations and trimmings

You can employ patterns in various accessories and furnishings to achieve more dramatic effect. Your furniture should take the attention and not the white walls.

A living room with white walls must generate energy and vivacity through the furniture that you should put in it. Furniture, accessories and decorations such as throw pillows, curtains, lamps, and paintings need to be chosen well. Remember to redirect the attention from the white wall. The focus must still be in the furniture and accessories.

It is essential to do a bit of reading or surfing the net to find out what will complement well with your white-walled living room. Manufacturers have modernized their concept of furniture, thus the birth of contemporary furniture as well as modern Italian furniture. Make the right choice before purchasing your new set of modern furniture.

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