Saturday, January 1, 2011

TV Stands: Glass or Wood - Which Is Better?

TV stands have been modernized to match the changes made in television sets. Gone are the days when a table will do as a stand for this gadget. Furniture manufacturers have made TV stands to become a part of the whole living room modern furniture set as well as to go with the room setting and style.

The materials, too, have become varied. It is no longer constrained to wood but glass is also being utilized these days. However, it is always a must to know the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of TV stands. Let us try to find out what these are:

If you opt to have a TV stand made of glass, check the depth of the glass. Thick glass TV stands spells good quality although it can be pricey; nevertheless, you can always find one that suits your budget.

The Advantages Glass TV Stands

• available in tinted or clear glass.
• framed in glass that goes to a contemporary living room style
• can match any color design
• cannot be outmoded
• easy to maintain, smooth; and
• easy on the pocket unlike its wooden counterpart

The Disadvantages of Glass TV Stands

• sears and fingerprints are very visible
• not advisable when there are children or even if pets are allowed inside your abode
• more prone to getting scratches which is hard to refurbish
• even as some TV stands are built with wire organization scheme, wires can still be seen even with tinted glass; and
• come with fixed shelves that are normally left open; however, there are a few made with doors.

Wooden TV stands are perfect for a traditional type of home or if most of your furniture are made of wood.

The Pluses of Wooden TV Stands:

• available in a myriad of hues as they can have light to dark hue finishing
• can easily go with the modern type of abode especially those that were made from uncomplicated type of wood
• dictate beauty and elegance particularly if they come in fine-looking patterns and carvings

• those that are made from excellent wood are sturdier than glass TV stands
• require irregular dusting making them easier to maintain
• normally come in closed shelves making them good solution for additional storage area; and
• backs are enclosed keeping cables safe and hidden from anybody’s view.

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