Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Save Your Dining Room Chairs From Kids

Even if you have purchased the best quality furniture for your dining room, you can still experience chaos and problems brought about by spills and stains. This, of course, is caused by children at home. So, what is the best way to prevent the chairs from such spillage and spoilage? Here are a few tips on how to save dining room chairs from kids.

1. Select dining room chairs that are suitable for kids.

Spillage on wooden and leather chairs can be wiped off without fuss although the latter can get stained by the spills. When buying chairs made of leather, ask if the material was treated to be stain resistant. Dark shades are a good option as stains can be concealed. Stain resistant microfiber can be washed off effortlessly making it another good choice.

2. Make sure that chairs are tightly screwed

Children may be lighter in weight compared with adults but because of their regular movements, dining chairs can get wobbly. This can pose danger not only for the children but to adults as well once the screws start to slacken. Repair dining room chairs if there are any loosed screws.

3. Get dining room chair vinyl protectors

These can be easily acquired from any furniture store and come in a myriad of selections. The only thing with vinyl is it gets real warm during summer and cold during winter. Vinyl also creates sounds when moving in the chair. This can be solved, nevertheless, by using the vinyl protector only for kids.

4. Make use of chair pads

Chair pads are secured onto the chairs with their strings. Similar to a pillow, they do not only act as extra cushion but are also very attractive. You can get one that can fit any occasion. They are, likewise, easy to maintain and cheap.

5. Chair covers

Chair covers are slide over the chair, thus covering the chair as a whole. Some chair covers come with strings fastened within the cover so they can be tied to the chair. They are also easy to maintain as they can be thrown into the washer or you can have them dry cleaned. Dining room chair covers are also available in a wide variety ranging from the conventional ones and well-designed and the stylish ones.

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