Saturday, January 29, 2011

Steps on How to Keep Your Kitchen Spotless

Tidying the kitchen can take most of your time leaving you really exhausted. This normally happens if things were left on the sink and leftover food was left for the succeeding day. Putting some organization in your cleaning will do the trick of having a spotless kitchen. Apart from that, your modern furniture will surely stay longer and will always look new.

Here are a few steps to keep your kitchen spotless.

• Have the complete set of cleaning materials. Needed items for cleaning are sponges, scrubs, dish cloths, baking soda, cleansers, etc. and place them in one organizer.
• Empty pots, cooking utensils and dishes from excess food and place in a biodegradable bin. Fill pots with soapy water to slacken the stubborn leftovers and fat. Put the dirtiest dishes at the bottom of the dishwasher.

• To finish the task quickly, engage your children in hand washing the dishes -- a good time to interrelate with the kids.
• Gather all the rubbish from the cupboards, counter tops, floor, etc. in a bin or rubbish bag.
• Then, collect the other items that do not belong in the kitchen and place them in a plastic bag or basket. Put them back where they belong when you are through cleaning the kitchen.

• Wash table tops, counter tops, appliances and the sink. Wash sponges or rags when they have become too grimy. Mix 2 cups of water with lemon juice or 2 tablespoons of vinegar to clean the microwave. Heat it to slacken the fat and excess food and then wipe the microwave with a paper towel. Use vinegar to remove stain and oil on top of the stove. Soak a rug or a sponge in hot soapy water to clean the sides of appliances and countertops. Rinse the foamy rug or sponge and wash the appliances and countertops for the last time.
• For the kitchen floors, sweep or vacuum it first followed by a mop. Mix a gallon of hot water with ½ cup of vinegar and use this to mop the floor. This will resolve your problem of oils and filth that has fallen off the floor.

• Finally, take the rubbish out. If the rubbish is scheduled to be taken in on the succeeding day, then queue in the rubbish bin outside.

The above steps will help you keep your kitchen spotless. Remember, it only takes a little organization to make things easier for you. It is also the best way to take care of your kitchen furniture.

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