Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Right Fabric for Your Living Room Sofa

Living room sofas are made from two major kinds of fabrics. The knowledge and understanding of the distinctions between these fabrics will help you decide which is more suitable in your home.

Natural materials used for living room sofa are cotton, linen, rayon, wool and silk. These materials are so comfortable because of the additional and adequate padding although maintaining them takes a bit extra time. Changes in temperature can mess them up so take care not to expose them too much under the sun. They gather mold on damp weathers, too.

Synthetic materials used for living room sofa are nylon, polyester and olefin. They are durable and defy stains but are not comfy. The olefin and nylon materials, though, are prone to sun damage so it is advised to glaze your windows. Pilling can occur if weighty people sit on them.

Since both have their own downsides, manufacturers have elected to mix the good characteristics of these two materials that gave birth to microfibers. Microfibers are a mixture of cotton and wool or polyesters and acrylics. Being soft and cheap, microfibers became popular apart from it does not pill quickly.

Another material used for living room sofa are velvet, chenille and boucle classified as pile fabrics. These materials can conceal dirt and withstand wear and tear. The mixture of twill and denim is recommended for daily use and is more convenient while noticeable marks can be seen from cotton velvet as well as it depreciates easily.

The best thing to do if you are on the verge of looking for the right material for your furniture sofa is to consider these other factors:

1. Durability especially from external elements
2. The manner it was woven such as cotton, denim with 20% polyester or ultra suede
3. Test the thread count by taking an ample amount of swatches at the edges and tap it hard. It is excellent if it lengthens.
4. Check on the cost of the furniture. Make a survey through catalogs, magazine and the internet.

Request for some swatches to bring home so you can see which is suitable. Always remember that living room sofas need to be resilient and durable.

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